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Heritage Corn Reels Can Recover Down Corn
Heritage Corn Reel installed on a John Deere Corn Head

How does a corn reel work?
For downed corn at harvest time, a corn reel feeds the corn off of the snouts and into the gathering chains so that the corn can feed into the combine head and recover grain that would otherwise be lost.

The Heritage Corn Reel is designed so the 'J' part of the finger pushes the corn down into the gathering chains and snap roll of the corn head. Corn Reel PricingThe rest of the stalks, leaves, and ears are pushed up the snouts into the cross auger. As the finger of the corn reel moves up from the cross auger, the hook on the end of the 'J' part of the fnger lifts straight up out of any corn left before the auger takes it.

Heritage Corn Reel fits most models of corn heads
Our downed corn reels fit John Deere, IH, Gleaner, CAT/Lexion and Drago corn heads from 4 to 12 rows. Save time and increase yields for your corn harvest by installing our Heritage Corn Reel.

Advantages of the Heritage Corn Reel
The Heritage Corn Reel is one of the few on the market that are very effective, reasonably priced, and will not affect standing corn. They are bolt-on units that are easy to install & remove.
Our corn reels can also be welded on if preferred.

The Farm Journal wrote about our corn reel in its Summer 2003 issue. 
They worked with Heritage Machine & Welding to premier our corn reel in their field test article.

Read Farm Journal article on the Heritage Corn Reel

History of the Heritage Corn Reel
In the fall of 1982, we at Heritage were approached by an individual with a unique problem, perfectly good corn that was laying flat in the field. There were a couple of downed corn head reels on the market at that time but none that operated to the satisfaction of most farmers. After countless hours and numerous modifications the Heritage Corn Reel was born.

Since that time there have been few modifications needed, which speaks volumes about the intense planning that was initially put into our product.

Because of the simplicity of design and operation and relatively low cost of these units we now have Heritage Corn Reels in 21states and continue to receive calls from others that have seen or heard of our product. Though we hope you will never have a need for this product, it is our commitment to you, the farmer, that if needed you will have a product that will make an expensive and trying time a little easier to bear.

 Heritage Corn Reel PRICING

  4 ROW            6 ROW          8 ROW           12 ROW          16 ROW

$3,206.27         $3,365.39       $3,842.75        $6,730.70         $7,685.50
    Motor         Hoses
$450           $145


If you have questions or are ready to place an order, ask for John in the machine shop.
Phone (309) 828-0400.

FOB Bloomington, Illinois
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Installation prices given on an individual basis.
View Installation Manual for Heritage Corn Reel