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Heritage Services

Driveshaft Service
We at Heritage can take care of all  your driveline needs. Our commitment to you is a quick turn around, competitive pricing and quality service.
We have the capability to build or repair  most automotive or heavy-duty truck driveshafts. We also have available to us a large selection of metric rebuilt driveshafts for most models.
Whether you need a simple driveshaft or a custom built for your antique vehicle or street rod we can fix you up.
We offer one, two or three piece driveshaft balancing.
Need an Aluminum Driveshaft, no problem, we can repair and balance most styles.
We carry Spicer, Neapco and Buyer products. We also have a selection of agricultural PTO products availible to us, Metric and American.
We can handle most series driveline parts. Spicer 1000 to 1810, Bondioli-Pavesi and Waltershied, 4X4 Constant Velocity new and rebuilt. Detroit 7260-7290, GM Saginaw 3R, Rockwell, Mechanics and Cleveland. Industrial and Commercial.
Slip yokes, end yokes, mid-ship stubs, carrier bearings, tube yokes, transmission slip yokes, companion flanges, flange yokes, yoke shafts, slip tube shafts, tubing.  One piece, two piece and three piece driveshafts are all available thru our parts department.
If you have questions or need to place an order ask for John in the machine shop.